I have tried to remain neutral, and not really have an opinion on Jennifer Aniston one way or another, but merely judge her films as she makes them. I want to believe that she's a good egg who has become a victim of tabloid storytelling. But I give up, because every romantic comedy she signs onto not only furthers her own stereotype of lonely and desperate singleton, but keeps the grand character tradition alive on the big screen too.

So, what's her latest salute to womankind? Variety says its CBS Films' Pumas. Penned by Melissa Stack and directed by Wayne McClammy, it "centers on two thirtysomething women who make a habit of romancing younger men and take a French skiing vacation that challenges their romantic expectations." On the upside, McClammy is the guy who directed Jimmy Kimmel's "I'm F**king Matt Damon" and follow-up "I'm F**king Ben Affleck." On the downside, this contrived storyline has none of that snark or freshness, but will certainly be filled with lonely heart jokes, and will provide much tabloid fodder depending on what hunk they cast opposite Aniston.

I realize how nasty all this sounds, and I certainly don't want to engage in girl-hate, but I find Aniston's career choices throughly depressing. Is there nothing else that appeals to her? Can she not use her name to green-light something about a lawyer or a scientist who doesn't fret about her love life? Is there nothing she finds interesting beyond wondering if He's Just Not That Into You?

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