Once again we have a high-profile director behind the scenes of yet another big-budget sci-fi effects show. Once again, Ivan Reitman tries to Xerox his classic Ghsotbusters motif into something resembling a "new idea". And once again, the overblown and ultimately uninvolving special effects overshadow some actors working pretty damn hard. I suppose a filmmaker can't be blamed for going to the well once too often. When Ivan Reitman signs on to direct an expensive "summer movie", it's only logical that the studio would shoot for Ghostbusters-like box office numbers. Unfortunately, Evolution comes off more like a thinly- disguised sequel than something new and original.

Aside from a few funny sequences and a handful of winning performances, there's basically nothing of note to be found in Evolution. The creepy-crawly alien effects are colorful enough to hold your interest...but then again, so is your average screen saver. Things have improved a bit recently, but Evolution seems firmly stuck in that "cool FX = good movie" mindset so prevalent a few years back. As the film opens, we see a dagger-shaped meteor crash down in the Arizona desert. The first one to come across the artifact is Wayne Gray, a goofy young man training to become a firefighter. Wayne contacts two professors from the local community college, Ira Kane and Harry Block. After doing some initial tests on the meteor, the doctors discover that the rock contains biological life forms. And of course these life forms are growing! The army quickly swoops in and takes over the crash site, while Ira and Harry quickly find themselves out of the loop.

That's when Ghostbusters 3 kicks in.
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