I had dreams of the big scoops of the Iron Man 2 roundtable being up sooner, but I was stuck in the unfortunate position of being seated behind the talent and thus unable to hear any of their soft-spoken quotes. (Or I'd gone deaf from con noise which is quite possible.) But hey, the longer the wait, the sweeter the read!

First out of the gate is Iron Man himself! Allow me to have a fangirl moment as I must say that even staring at the back of Robert Downey Jr.'s head is a thrill. Plus my seat did allow me to get a good look at his awesome choice of footwear, which happened to be the most beautiful pair of lime green tennis shoes. The man is stylish, readers, and unfailingly kind with his time. Thanks to all the outlets present for asking cool questions. I wish I could credit you, but I honestly can't tell any of you apart once you're on my audio.
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