If there's a Marvel man you want to get drunk and pump for information, it's Kevin Feige. This is the man who has all the answers of cinema's Marvel Universe, and while his enthusiasm occasionally lets a spoiler or two slip, he generally just grins knowingly. Seriously, if you run into him, ply him with strong alcohol and see if you can get him to confirm whether or not the Skrulls will be the Big Bad of The Avengers. (Devin Faraci thinks so -- and so do I!) Now, onto the chat -- unfortunately, it's missing some quotes of "what a comic book movie is" at the end because I simply can't hear it behind the background noise. I got the good stuff though, don't worry.

KF: Hello! What are you going to ask me?

Are you going to make Green Lantern Vs Black Widow ... ?

Do you mean Marvel Comics Deadpool? [laughs] Anything? You got all your answers?

Coming into this, where you guys at Marvel are right now after Iron Man blew up so big, and the Marvel Universe became much more of a reality .... as you're finishing up Iron Man 2 how much of an eye are you keeping towards future projects?

It's a combination. Clearly, the four films that we've announced -- Iron Man 2, Thor, Captain America and The Avengers -- which are are all happening and are all in various stages, not just of development but of prep, clearly we're sowing seeds within them. I've always been very vocal about saying we're not just going to cram in Easter eggs that, you know, 1/10 of the audience will understand at the expense of the experience of watching the movie. That's all that really matters -- the movie itself.

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