It's the casting opportunity of a lifetime! If you're in Albuquerque or Sante Fe from August 8 to September 12, you can work as a stand-in or extra on Saturday Night Live's feature film version of MacGruber. And of course, jettison into cinematic history! Or more likely oblivion, but at least they're paying! And it's all over at Craigslist.

First, they need stand-ins for the four stars -- Will Forte, Kristin Wiig, Ryan Philippe, and Val Kilmer. If you've got the look, and their exact measurements -- no 6'2" Wiig impersonators or 5'1" Kilmer look-alikes allowed -- you can fill out a talent application and get considered for the honor. But if you don't look like those guys, there are a whole slew of extras required. They're looking for a string quartet, upscale men and women, twenty-something club-goers, tattooed/scarred burly wrestlers and experienced martial artists, "Russian-looking men," and some Native Americans. But don't bother applying if you're ordinary. They want "INTERESTING" character faces.

So this is really happening. Yes, Jenni confirmed it, but it's just so very hard to believe it. So, since it is, I can only hope that Richard Dean Anderson throws his hat in the ring to be a Forte stand-in. Now that would be something to watch out for.
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