'Snow White and the Seven Stormtroopers' (thumper-011 at deviantart.org)

By: Peter Martin

To mash up two wildly different movie quotes: I wish I knew how to quit Star Wars, but just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in. This time, it's prompted by a collection posted at online magazine Dark Roasted Blend, which has rounded up a massive amount of links under the all-encompassing theme Star Wars for Your Mind, Heart and Soul.

I knew that SciFi Squad readers had recently voted Star Wars the best sci-fi movie franchise of all time in The Ultimate Sci-Fi Fan Poll, but with all due respect, the true mark of admiration and/or inspiration and/or madness is to spend time and money creating Boba Fett's full-size armor out of LEGO. Or crafting the Millennium Falcon out of a single sheet of paper. Some things are in questionable taste: the charred remains of Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru, packaged in plastic as a toy. Then there are the mash ups, like Snow White and the Seven Stormtroopers. Professional creations are not ignored, like original concept art by the great Ralph McQuarrie, which makes The Empire Strikes Back look like an old Republic Western, or a series of recent theme park advertisements featuring our favorite characters dealing with the logistics of modern travel.

Obviously, we love this kind of stuff. Check out the gallery below to get started, and then head on over to Dark Roasted Blend, where you can find links to all the crazy stuff they've collected together for your perusal. I think I know how I'll be whiling away my next few available hours.

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