Not physically of course, that just would be silly and, depending on the person, unethical. But over at there's a surprisingly fun little app up that allows you to insert Rob Zombie's Michael Myers (note the distinction; that ravaged mask is barely reminiscent of Carpenter's slasher) into any photo on your hard drive. The promotional site also has a webcam function enabled that's worth the 45 seconds or so it takes to run through the process, the result of which may just be the first time I've called something Michael Myers related cute. Check that side of the site out if you've got a cam ready to go.

Their editing app isn't bound to create any photo-realistic slayings, but it's a neat distraction until Dimension puts out Halloween 2 on August 28th. So head over, browse through any digital snaps you've got stored up or connect it directly to your Facebook page to stick a knife into a few friends' photos. As you'll see above, the only friend I have is the Syfy channel, which is why I opted for Michael Myers killing a goblin shark from Malibu Shark Attack.
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