We've been hearing a lot about a reboot / remake / prequel of the original A L I E N for quite some time now, but things have picked up in the last several weeks, and the latest news is actually pretty surprising: According to Variety, no less than Ridley Scott himself will be directing the prequel, and if I need to remind you that Mr. Scott directed the first A L I E N, then I think you may be at the wrong horror blog. The screenwriter for the flick will be Jon Spaihts, who's clearly one of those "mega-busy but untested" scribes. The guy has no less than five scripts in various stages of development, including Children of Mars and Shadow 19.

Right here is where you'd expect me to flip out like a geek and rant loudly because A L I E N is my all-time favorite film and how dare they make a prequel and yadda yadda ... but frankly I'm pretty thrilled that Ridley Scott is attached. Mainly because I think he's an excellent filmmaker, but also because his hectic schedule may prevent this prequel from arriving any time soon. More info as we get it!

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