Luckily, for every craptacular poster that looks like it was made by a computer-illiterate fool learning Photoshop, there are marketing drives that remind us that there is some talent out there. Recently, Erik shared the excellent Brothers poster premiere, and now Yahoo is sharing a new poster for Steven Soderbergh and Matt Damon's The Informant! (I am excited for this film, but the exclamation is all in the title. Just look to the right.)

While the first poster was funny -- in all its 40-Year-Old Virgin-esque wonder (a look quickly entering over-used land) -- the new one wonderfully balances Mark Whitacre's awkward goofiness with a classic, Vertigo-reminiscent retro style. Oh, how I love me some nostalgia -- especially attached to the humor-heavy true story of a bi-polar whistle-blower. (And also one that is corn-tastic.)

The film should hit theaters in September, but in the meantime, which posters wow you with their ability to boil down the essence of entire movie into one alluring image? Not one that just looks nice, mind you, but one that actually embodies what will appear on the big screen?