I'll keep this short and sweet like the teaser itself. There have already been three appetite wetting trailers for [REC 2], in addition to various behind the scenes clips. The first was a trip up blood covered stairs back into the bowels of the dreaded apartment building. The second was a ride along with the SWAT team sent in, presumably, to stop the viral outbreak with bullets (why no biosuits?).

The third, first spotted at the sweet Spanish langue genre site Aullidos.com and lodged in this post below, starts a lot like the second one before amping things up with a countdown and hints of heretofore unseen footage, the scariest of which I think might be the kid scampering across what looks like the ceiling, though I assume the camera is just at an odd angle.

[REC] 2 will have it's world debut at the Sitges International Film Festival. So if in early October you awake to a screaming disturbance in the force, as if thousands of horror geeks suddenly cried out in fear, don't worry. It's just another awesome Spanish movie soiling the pants of everyone in its path.
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