The new horror film The Collector doesn't dilute its intense scenes with comedy or cartoonish visuals: it goes straight for the shocks. The pre-credits teaser scene gets your adrenalin going without visible bloodshed, and prepares you for something suspenseful and a bit strange. To set your expectations, it might help to know that writer Patrick Melton and co-writer/director Marcus Dunstan also scripted the Feast films and the third through sixth Saw films. In fact, the script was once considered for a Saw prequel film. Now you know what you might be getting into in terms of horror style.

The first 20 minutes of the film start a little awkwardly -- it takes a few minutes to figure out who's who -- but then the stage is set for major suspense and scares. Arkin (Josh Stewart) finishes a contractor job at a family's fancy house in the country. He's not paid enough to give his own daughter's mom the money she needs to evade some nasty loan sharks, though. So he decides to break into the rich family's house, since he knows they just left for a vacation, and steal some jewelry to make up the difference. He's got a deadline of midnight. And while Arkin's working to crack the safe, he hears disturbing sounds coming from the cellar ... what else is happening in what is supposed to be an unoccupied house?