Look what's got a promo poster! Scott Stewart's resurrected Priest, the Tokyo Pop adaptation that stars Paul Bettany and Cam Gigandet. (I've got to be honest, it will continue to be "That movie Gerard Butler was supposed to be in way back when" for me for a very long time. It's a curse of fandom and incessantly covering such stories.) Anyway, this little promo piece has appeared on the official Priest website Sony has just put online. Obviously, there's nothing there but this photo, but it does a bit of glowing animation you mind find amusing. It's a nice nod to the original Toyko Pop cover, though Bettany is missing Ivan Isaacs' long and flowing hair.

I think what makes this creepy is not that Bettany does resemble the bony Isaacs, but that those not following the intricacies of film news won't know the difference between this and the upcoming Legion which is also a Bettany-led film directed by Stewart. I have really enjoyed many of Bettany's films, and I think he's a fine actor, but he really really needs to take a break from the religious orders. I can see Joe Moviegoer seeing the Priest poster and going "Isn't that the archangel movie we already saw?" "No, dummy, it's that DaVinci Code sequel!"

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