I remember thinking before The Chronicles of Riddick came out that David Twohy was on a course to become another science fiction visionary, not unlike Ridley Scott or James Cameron. It looked like a big budget, galaxy sweeping actioner, but more importantly it looked like Twohy was doing something Hollywood so rarely does: world building. It was clear his agenda with Chronicles was to transplant a character from Pitch Black, which is essentially just a creature feature, into an entire universe in which that character made sense, a universe that promised different races and different colonies on different planets. And if there is one thing big budget Hollywood is wary towards, it's difference.

Studios like a real world anchor for their tent poles and The Chronicles of Riddick had lava planets and an intergalactic cult. That's not as marketable as, say, Xbox 360s turning into killer robots or Iron Man eating a Burger King Whopper at a press conference. Which is a pitfall David Twohy seems to be acknowledging these days. Rumors of a new Riddick film / the delivery of the once planned third Riddick film, started months ago when Vin Diesel made Universal a silo of cash with Fast and Furious, but what that might entail was hazy until now.
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