'The Undeserved' (IFC Films)

Cinematical has just received a very intriguing new trailer for Brad Coley's The Undeserved, a drama that will be available 'on demand' via various cable systems starting on August 12.

The film snuck under my radar when it traveled the film festival circuit (Mill Valley, Denver, Ashland, Nantucket) a while back, but Dennis Harvey of Variety described it as "a somewhat overloaded yet impressive feature debut by writer-helmer Brad Coley that's a sufficiently edgy update of 'Peyton Place'-style ensemble melodramatics." Coley spent three months on location, according to the film's official site, "shooting in sequence without a pre-written script, and developing his story with his cast through an organic process of character immersion."

The story involves a murder mystery, so, naturally enough, the characters all harbor deep secrets. Science prodigy Charlie (James Martinez) wins a scholarship, but his girlfriend Joy (Autumn Dornfield) disappears after dropping out from the alternative high school they both attend. Meanwhile, Charlie's best friend (Paul Sado), who also provides the narration, is a perpetual screw-up, and the small Vermont town is constantly beset by conflict. The trailer does a good job of establishing the setting and the idea of all the characters in conflict, along with a dash of sex and/or romance. And I'm always pulling for an independent, low-budget, no-name film to knock one out of the park, so I'll be looking for this one when it becomes available via IFC Films' Festival Direct service.

Watch the trailer for The Undeserved after the jump!