I covered the world of men writing women back in June, and it's already time to revisit the pen. At the end of July, Variety posted a special collection of articles outlining the Top Ten Screenwriters to keep an eye out for. Unlike most lists, which select only a sliver of female talent (much like the industry as a whole), this ten plays the half and half game. The women who reign supreme: Emma Forrest, Emily Halpern and Sarah Haskins, Mindy Kaling (pictured above with Brenda Withers), Liz Meriwether, and Michelle Morgan.

Six women in a list of twelve screenwriters? (There's a writing duo on each side.) Can't complain about the numbers. There are writers from Harvard and Dartmouth, some who started off as actresses, and one who even made the ginormous leap from reception desks to feature films. They each have a number of projects they're working on, which should bring a lot of female fare to Hollywood. But there's a "but." ... Can you tell?

While these scribes are working on a number of projects ranging from romance to spy capers, it's mostly and essentially all about romantic comedy. Name to name, they're working on romantic underdogs, sluts and "friends with benefits," and class-conscious romcom fare. Emma Forrest's Liars (A-E), which I posted about recently, is about her relationship with Colin Farrell -- and even Halpern and Haskins' Book Smart, which could be about anything when coming from two Harvard grads, is about girls looking for boyfriends at the prom.
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