...it might look something like this:

If I told you there was a movie about a group of people trapped in a steam room, would you be interested? What if I told you said steam room was actually a malicious experiment to prove how the heat caused by global warming would turn everyone on Earth into raving maniacs? Still not sold? Understandable. Now, what if one of the people trapped in said steam room was Eric Roberts, the cop racing against the clock to figure it all out was Armand Assante, and the insane mastermind behind said malicious experiment was Val Kilmer? Sometimes a few character actors can make all the difference.

I present to you The Chaos Experiment. Or, as it is known in international markets, The Steam Experiment. Or, as it is known to people who still rent movies from Blockbuster, That Movie I've Been Walking Past for Three Weeks. Well now that Blockbuster's exclusive rental agreement is up, we can all get a look at the Straight-to-Video sauna room shenanigans when it hits retail DVD tomorrow, August 4th. Should you be unwilling to wait that long, you can hop on down to see what it would look like being trapped in a rising heat box with five strangers. If you're picturing a lot of sweat, a lot of screaming, a hot chic quite logically taking off her top, and a cameo from Starship Troopers' fleet pilot Zander Barcalow, then congratulations. You're the perfect kind of person for this movie; a sucker like me!
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