Do you have a favorite Canadian horror movie?

Okay, this might sound like a strange question -- until you realize how many horror films were made north of the 42nd parallel. Now Canada is, by no means, a horror mecca, but's list of Top 30 Canadian Horror Movies (ranked by fan voting) reminds us that there are more than we might think.

More recent contributions include Bruce McDonald's Pontypool, the horror flick that Salon called an awesome "claustrophobic, locked-in-the-barn zombie movie." (That I'm actually planning to slip into the DVD player tonight!) Not to mention Prom Night, Ginger Snaps, Screamers, Cube, Silent Hill... And then, well, almost anything that's come from the hands of David Cronenberg pops up on the list -- Shivers, Scanners, Videodrome, and the film that helped make Christopher Walken a paragon of irresistible creepiness, The Dead Zone. Without that director, any horror list wouldn't be quite the same, not to mention the horror industry as a whole.

But ol' David didn't grab the top spot. That went to Bob Clark and his Black Christmas -- the original, of course, not that quickly-forgotten remake. It probably isn't what you were expecting, eh? If it was all up to your vote, which film fraught with thrills and chills would reign supreme?
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