I was thinking of a way to welcome horror back to the multiplexes, but Debi over at Dread Central sums it all up pretty smoothly: With Orphan and The Collector pleasing the genre fans right now, it sure looks like we have a big handful of horror (or scary-ish) titles on the immediate horizon.

So forget about how Drag Me to Hell deserved a better payday (you can buy the dvd later), and set your sights on District 9, I Sell the Dead, Grace, A Perfect Getaway, Halloween 2, Final Destination 4, Jennifer's Body, 9, Pandorum, Carriers, Zombieland, The Stepfather, Whiteout, Sorority Row, Saw 6, Night of the Demons, The Box, The Hills Run Red, [REC] 2, Trick 'r Treat, and a bunch of indie / foreign titles we haven't focused on yet! Nor should we overlook the "classy" horrors of The Road, Shutter Island and The Lovely Bones.

Who knows? We might even see a Mandy Lane release! Nah, that'd be crazy. Check out Debi's piece right here. And by piece I mean article, you perverts.

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