As part of's hypothetical overview of our downfall, there is a fun little application they've created that allows you to calibrate the end of the world. Well, at least the end of the United States as we know it. Just click on over and then drag and drop a combination of elements chosen from a tableau of 144 possible theories as to our Earthly demise. For example, throw in the double whammy of 'The Rapture' and 'Rods From God' combined with an 'Alien Invasion', 'An Electromagnetic Pulse' and 'Dec 21, 2012' to see that a surprising number of us have a fighting chance at survival. That is until we're forced to wander the desolate wastes and fight mutant frog people.

It's both a nice time waster and an indispensable scripting tool for Roland Emmerich. I've already spent at least 15 minutes trying to figure out how to destroy every single person on earth and still have all the blame lay on mankind. Wiping out the entire human race is harder than you'd think.
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