It's strange to me that a project as big as Haeundae can be in theaters for two weeks before I even notice its existence. Sure, I don't speak the language and I'm thousands of miles away from any theater actually playing it, but this is the Internet. Where I live is no excuse for why I've never even heard of A) the first Korean disaster movie ever made and B) The most expensive Korean movie ever made. I feel like a movie that boasts those two bits of trivia and happens to be about a city destroying tsunami should pop up on a geek's radar at some point during production, not two weeks after the movie's already out. Hopefully an American distributor picks up on how well the glossy looking disaster porn is performing at its domestic box office, toppling the likes of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince on its opening weekend.

In fact, according to this report at Screen Daily, the only movie so far this year to outperform Haeundae has been Transformers 2. To put things in better perspective, Michael Bay's giant explode-o-tron sold 7.4 million tickets over the course of 6 weeks. The giant tsunami broke the 5 million mark in 13 days! And watching the trailer (included below) for Haeundae it's easy to see why. It has all the great disaster movie character tropes, a very localized sense of romance and humor, and destruction literally swirling around every corner. I'm not gonna lie, I love to see meteorites crash and California sink into the sea, but nothing in the 2012 trailer has quite the real-world sense of dread as seeing a beach full of people fleeing from a rapidly receding tide line.
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