Mutant Chronicles
I saw director Simon Hunter's gory steampunk-inspired thriller at last year's San Diego Comic-Con. The most memorable thing about the screening was watching stars Ron Perlman and Thomas Jane ham it up for their fans. The movie wasn't so memorable is what I'm sayin'.

Jane stars as a soldier fighting off an evil mutant race set on destroying humanity. Sin City's Devon Aoki and John Malkovich (who sleepwalks through his small role) tag along for the grim ride.

The Machine Girl (Remix)
Director Noboru Iguchiore delivers shameless gore, crass humor and scenes of cartoony ultraviolence in this fun Japanese revenge flick starring gravure idol Minase Yashiro. The film follows Yashiro's angry schoolgirl as she unleashes a deadly wrath on her brother's murderers with a Gatling gun in place of her recently sliced-off forearm. This two-disc "Remix" edition features the short spinoff film Machine Girlite.

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