Slowly but surely we're seeing more and more of James Cameron's Avatar through posters and carefully released images. But while in some cases (like this one) the studios hold back for an extra long time on images and trailers, chances are they'll have to combat against the toys. Yes, images of the movie tie-in toys seem to be hitting the web way ahead of theatrical release these days, and though it's not the ideal way to catch a first glimpse at a much talked-about character in a highly-anticipated upcoming film, when it comes to Avatar we'll take what we can get.

Above you'll see the movie tie-in toy for Sam Worthington's character (Jake Sully) in Avatar. The toy represents Sully's Avatar, since he's actually a human paraplegic soldier who uses an Avatar to explore the planet of Pandora. According to CHUD (who discovered the image), the picture on the shield (left) looks to be an image straight from the film, which means this is our first look at the character as he appears in the movie. The toy (right) is, of course, a little different, but one imagines the outfit combo closely resembles what he wears in the film as well.

View a larger image over at CHUD. Avatar hits theaters on December 18, though some footage will screen in IMAX theaters worldwide on August 21.
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