'Marathon of the Sands'Feeling hot this summer? Well, imagine what it would be like to run through the Sahara Desert; not just a quick dash from your air-conditioned home to your air-conditioned car to your air-conditioned place of employment, but running 150 miles over seven days, trekking through the heat and the sand and the wind, with all your provisions strapped to your back? Now you're ready to watch Marathon of the Sands, a documentary that is available for free online viewing courtesy of our friends at SnagFilms.

Directed by Les Guthman and Tim Powell, the doc focuses on just a few of the more than 700 runners from around the world who came to Morocco to compete in the race. "Compete" and "race" may sound like out-of-place terms for a long-distance test of endurance, but the top runners are not only competing against themselves and the elements, but the other athletes. Others, however, simply wish to finish the race, like the British man who wears bunny shoes and carries around a costumed bunny head, in an effort to raise funds for charity in honor of his late wife. The first leg of the race, a 17-mile jaunt, looks loose and easy for the competitors, but by the second day, when blisters start bursting, the strain begins to show.

Produced for Outside Television, Marathon of the Sands is ideal for small-screen viewing -- perhaps while sipping a cool beverage of your choice! More information is available at SnagFilms.

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