It's not hard to argue the fact that Paramount's big-budgeted G.I. Joeadaptation has had more than a few strange adventures while on its way to the big screen. First people cheered for it, then they trashed the thing mercilessly following the release of the first few trailers, and then it was rumored that director Stephen Sommers was fired from the film. But just when all hope seemed lost, buzz began to turn around as some members of the online press screened the film prior to its August 7 release. To say that G.I. Joe has now done a complete 180 in terms of advanced buzz is an understatement -- you're now looking at a film that could go down as one of (if not) the best action blockbuster of the summer.

Of course, with the good buzz comes sequel talk -- and in an interview with Stephen Sommers set to go live later this week on Cinematical, the Joe director says he'd definitely be down for another go-round. On the potential G.I. Joe sequel, he says, "Because the mythology is all there, there's a lot of interesting stuff. Like, something you don't know yet is who killed Hard Master. I mean, the hardcore G.I. Joe fans know that it wasn't Storm Shadow. But I hope I get to do a sequel, first of all because I had so much fun with these actors. When you watch the movie or come [to the junket], all of the press can see how much fun we had making the movie. I go into these movies knowing it's a marathon, not a sprint, and I won't work with *ssholes. We had a blast – it was really hard, but we had a lot of fun on the set, so to get to hang out with these people again would be just heaven."

Guess we'll see if the public agrees when the film opens everywhere on Friday. And stay tuned for our full interview later this week.
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