I've heard of Hardware, but I've never seen Hardware. That's often the case with me and mid '80s to early '90s titles. The obvious explanation is that I was in kindergarten when they came out, but the excuse I'll stick with is that many great titles (good on ya', Cemetery Man and Night of the Comet) have only become widely available in recent years. Well, good news everyone! Richard Stanley's oft neglected, on VHS only post-apocalyptic sci-fi/horror hybrid is set to join the newly liberated digital world thanks to Severin Films.

On September 29th you'll be able to grab both DVD and Blu-ray flavors of Hardware, which will be the first time ever that the unseen and unrated cut of the film are made available to the public (Miramax trimmed things back to get an R rating back in 1990). In addition to a newly mastered transfer of the film, fans of Dylan McDermott wandering the wastelands will be treated to:
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