I can't say that I got as much of a chance to grow up on "Siskel & Ebert" as much as most of my colleagues -- and not a whole lot of "Ebert & Roeper" either, for that matter -- but I recognize and appreciate the value of two film critics trying to encourage a more popular dialogue about movies. However, ratings and quality both took a dive once Roger Ebert and Richard Roeper took their leave and were promptly replaced by Ben Lyons and Ben Mankiewicz.

Well, since that pairing wasn't exactly cutting it, the show's producers have (wisely) opted to swap out the duo for the Chicago Tribune's Michael Phillips and the New York Times' A.O. Scott, who both have previously appeared in lieu of Ebert when he had taken ill and proved their own considerable intelligence and mutual respect for one another, the medium, and their audience.

How many of you still tuned in for the show's latest incarnation? And how many of you are as considerably relieved as many of us that things should take a turn for the better with proper print critics in the seats again come September 5th?
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