Just when you thought you've seen everything when it comes to viral marketing, the new Gerard Butler flick Gamer kicks things up a perverted notch with a marketing ploy that allows you at home to receive a virtual lapdance via the Society Girls, who I imagine play some sort of role in the actual film. Basically you'll need to be over 18, own a web cam and a printer. What you do is print out a piece of paper, point your camera at the paper (which should be on a flat surface in front of you), and then choose a lap dance from one of several Society Girls.

There's only partial nudity here; I think the idea was to create something sexy and virtual to tie into the film, which takes place in a near future where humans control other humans in massive multi-player games. Plus it's totally the kind of marketing directors Brian Taylor and Mark Neveldine enjoy -- stuff that's in your face and sexy and fun. Does it take some time to set up? Yes. But if you've got nothing else to do, and you want a virtual mini lapdance for free -- go for it. Gamer hits theaters on September 4.

Watch a tutorial video after the jump, and get your lap dance on right over here.
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