Leonardo DiCaprio already has a whopping 23 projects in development -- between acting and producing. Now we can make it 24. On the heels of news that DiCaprio is stilling visiting The Twilight Zone, Variety reports that his Appian Way company is gearing up to tackle the story of Little Red Riding Hood with the help of Orphan scribe David Leslie Johnson.

Seeing that Johnson's lone feature film is a horror, are we finally going to get a true Riding Hood tale, like I blogged about all the way back in 2007? It would seem so. Unfortunately, it won't be a straight adaptation, but rather a "Gothic reimagining." I'm sure it can be all kinds of cool, although the tale doesn't really need to be reimagined. The original stories bring to life a myriad of creepy things through its many versions. There's a werewolf dining on grandma's blood, and demanding Little Red de-robe and come to bed with him, a hunter who cuts out the girl and her grandmother, and even a grandma meat pie.

There are no plans for Leonardo to take on a role himself, so we won't see him getting wolfy in any way -- although that'd be a great way to keep things fresh. Whoever stars, the bigger question is who will direct this gothic tale?
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