If you were ever wondering what would happen if The Darjeeling Limited was less quirky and more adventurous, you're about to get your wish. The Hollywood Reporter posts that there's a new adventure comedy on the way called The Adventurer's Handbook, and Jason Segel will star, along with Jonah Hill and Darjeeling'sJason Schwartzman.

Written by Hill, along with Matt Spicer and Max Winkler, the film is an adaptation of Mick Conefrey's book The Adventurer's Handbook: Life Lessons from History's Great Explorers. Rather than a scattershot collection of explorer stories, it'll focus on four childhood friends who are sick of their monotonous lives. Inspired by Conefrey's book, the foursome set off to perk things up with their own adventure. Considering the fact that the book includes helpful tips like "what to do if you are attacked by an anaconda -- you wait until it is has swallowed you up to your knees and then you reach down and cut its head off," this adventure should be insane. (And how do you cut off a snake's head if your legs are trapped inside?!)
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