A few months ago, I argued that Westerns were making a post-Unforgiven comeback and few really sparked to the idea. But there is clearly something in the air, because now studios are rushing to remake television Westerns. A few weeks ago, it was The Big Valley and today it happens to be the legendary Gunsmoke.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, CBS Films is heading up the big screen reimagining, and has put Gregory Poirier to work on the screenplay. The idea is to keep the premise, but update it with more action, adventure, and probably more Swearengen style. It's not a bad idea, and it does seem the public is hankering to see how the West was won all over again. But something tells me the public would rather see some original tales of the frontier (I know I'd trade my saddle for another Lonesome Dove) instead of just revisiting the 1950s version of it.
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