Just the other day, we debuted the sour-faced poster for The Open Road -- a road trip movie starring Justin Timberlake, Jeff Bridges, Kate Mara, and Mary Steenburgen. On the heels of that release, MSN has nabbed the official trailer, which is full of difficult dads and aggravated offspring, but not as many laughs as the poster would hint. The film follows a son who, on the request of his dying mother, reunites with his estranged father, a minor-league baseball player, to bring the family back together.

I wasn't sure what to expect from the film. It's written and directed by Michael Meredith, the man who wrote Wim Wenders' Land of Plenty -- a quite somber film starring Michelle Williams as a missionary returns to LA from Palestine and gets wrapped up with a post 9/11 conspiracy nut and the murder of a homeless Muslim man. But this project isn't very political, and only partially serious.

If the trailer is any indication, this will be one of those chuckle-inducing and heart-warming melodramas, like a father-and-son version of Boys on the Side. Well, a version of the story where a fairly talented but new actor tries to play it straight and hold his own against Bridges' charisma and talent. How far the film will go ... it could grab some Timberlake momentum, or come and go without a sound, like the similar kooky father/angry son film $5 a Day.