As someone who grew up playing with a massive amount of G.I. Joe action figures, you'd think I'd be able to write about the property with great knowledge and detail. Unfortunately, my six-year-old brain never retained all the names, abilities and weapons, with the exception of Snake Eyes (coolest Joe character by far) and Sgt. Slaughter (where's he in the new movie!?). Oh, and I remember Zartan because I always made him the bad guy. But based on what I've read and learned about the new movie (due out this Friday), I don't think you need to know anything about G.I. Joe -- which makes it easier for me to share these two new spoof videos with you.

The first video is pretty impressive, as someone over at Red Label Films actually went and created a shot-for-shot remake of the G.I. Joe trailer using action figures. How people have this much time on their hands is beyond me, but at least they produced something pretty cool. (Note: An actual Eiffel Tower model/toy would've worked so much better than weirdly shaped blocks.)

The second video comes from our friends at Indy Mogul. They created a short film about some overweight schlub who wonders into the G.I. Joe recruitment office and meets with an extremely irritable Sgt. Slaughter. Cute, corny -- hey, at least someone is tossing old Mr. Slaughter some love.

Check out both videos after the jump and let us know what you think.