Zombies. An anal-retentive kid who thinks stretching is important. Blood. An older, unstoppable force of weirdness who knows how to kick undead arse. Zombies. A tough and irresistible love interest determined to keep little sis safe. Blood. There's pretty much nothing about Zombieland that I'm not loving. In fact, the new red band trailer you can see after the jump (from MySpace) just makes it all the more irresistible.

Adding a little sass to the already great trailer released in June, the red band version actually flushes out a little more of the story, character quirks, and the complete range of zombies these guys are up against -- strippers, kids, bear-like men, you name it.

The allure of the film isn't really surprising, considering the unbeatable cast -- stars Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, Emma Stone, and Abigail Breslin -- plus supporting stints that include Bill Murray, Amber Heard, and Mike White. (I can't think of anyone I'd even consider replacing the stars with.) But even better is the glimmer of familiarity pumping through the scenes. Usually that sort of thing just comes off as copy-cat, but here it works as a nice ode, or recognition of the horror world surrounding it, from shotguns and chainsaws that bring to mind a certain Ash, to the comedy and blood of Shaun of the Dead, to convenience store zombie fighting a la Pathogen.

All that said, I wish Zombieland wouldn't make me choose between the zombies, Whip It!, Couples Retreat, and An Education. Anyone else out there considering a quadruple feature?