Superheroines like Wonder Woman and Wasp aren't the only ones getting the short end of the adaptation stick. There hasn't been a real rush to offer up a little racial diversity either, despite that there are Marvel and DC heroes who are people of color. I mean, Luke Cage, Black Panther, Amazing Man, and the Silver Samurai would make fine films, but they're either languishing in talks, or excluded from the conversation altogether.

But there's some hope that we might see a Black Panther movie, and if we do, the credit might just go to the intense Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje. In an interview with Blackfilm, he revealed that the rights to the character have reverted back to Marvel. "It's now up for grabs and I'm doing the grabbing. I've always had a passion to play a superhero, and now it appears to becoming real. We're in talks with Marvel to playing one of my favorite superheroes, which is obviously Black Panther. There is truth to that, the fact that we are talking. It would be a boyhood dream to have that materialized. I was at Comic Con this year and the timing for such a character to come to life couldn't be more appropriate. I would love to be the one to wear the suit and go out and represent."

There's no doubt he'd represent very well , and just in case anyone from Marvel is reading, Agbaje would like stress why he's right pick for the role. "I'd like to convey an element of him that is real and raw ... I can make this guy real ... I would bring some elements from my culture, which is Nigeria. I'm from an area which is known for its regality. In fact, my name, Adewale, means the crown has come home, the crown is here. Together, with that rawness, and the regality because he is an African prince, I would love to bring out the cultural elements of my background to it." Sounds like a perfect fit to me ...

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