Before I headed off to ComicCon, I brought you the news of Darren Lynn Bousman's latest splatterfest Abattoir. I'm pretty intrigued by this one because if there's one genre of horror that I'm very enthusiastic about, it's haunted house movies. Obviously, I'm also very excited by anything that crosses over into the world of comic books and lately, a lot of interesting relationships are being forged at Radical Publishing, with Abattoir being just one of several options they've made recently. Now, it's too early to get too excited because many of these comic books could end up as just a lot of milquetoast marketing, and do neither film nor the comic industry any good. But in the meantime -- say, look at that art! One thing Radical excells at is beautiful art, and while you really can't judge a book by its cover, you can use it to spin the possibilities. I promised I'd bring you the cover art from Abattoir and here it is. Creepy, ain't it?

Admittedly, I've pulled a bit of online magic because while I did actually pick up a poster version in San Diego, hopes of photographing or scanning while there were dashed. It ended up being so crumpled in my luggage that I thought I should just find a nice, high-res version for you. Thanks to Bloody Disgusting for providing it, and the full version is below. Abattoir will hit shelves and theaters in 2010.

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