Fruit Chan does not like babies. Not if you're going by his track record, at least. The Chinese director carved his name into the horror community with Dumplings, his contribution to the Asian omnibus anthology Three... Extremes. Besting the entries of colleges Takashi Miike and Park Chan-wook, Chan's haunting tale of women who eat fetuses to stay young was so good that the short was later re-tooled as a feature length film, a film I couldn't recommend enough.

That was five years ago and if you ask me, five years is a cruel waiting period for another Fruit Chan shocker. But now Dread Central's posted the international trailer for Don't Look Up, Chan's first English language film, and it's a doozy. Fair warning: do not let the absence of a red band comfort you. There's more disturbing imagery in the first thirty seconds of this than anything in, say, the restricted trailer for Jennifer's Body. If you're offended by blood covered babies or humans that shoot flies from their snake tongue (!), you might not want to click play.
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