News is trickling out that Joe Eszterhas, who has penned such silly-sexy-hackle raising films as Basic Instinct and, yes, Showgirls, is writing a script about the Virgin of Guadalupe. The famous religious icon and patron saint of Mexico appeared in 1531 to a Mexican man named Juan Diego, just one of many of Marian apparitions around the world. A church was built where she appeared; you can read more about Diego's vision and the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico City here.

So, what is someone like Eszterhas going to write about the Virgin Mary? Has the Hollywood Animal found Jesus? As MovieWeb pointed out, Eszterhas also wrote Crossbearer: A Memoir of Faith after he's diagnosed with throat cancer and forced with a total upheaval of his personal life. And the producer company Mpower Pictures is behind a mixed bag of titles, from the critically acclaimed movie The Stoning of Soraya M. to other more religious and/or feel-good fare like Snowmen and the direct-to-DVD The Star of Bethlehem. And it bears mentioning that Mpower Pictures was founded by Steve McEveety, who was a producer on The Passion of the Christ and a number of other Mel Gibson flicks (including What Women Want, strangely enough.)

So, what the hey? Is this going to be an over-the-top "Versayce"
Eszterhas classic or something along the lines of when Gibson started going a little loco with the sugartits stuff? Better yet, who would Eszterhas cast as the Virgin of Guadalupe? Who would you cast?
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