If I know our readers, they're scouring the web right now looking for the perfect Star Wars t-shirt to pimp out at the mall this weekend. Oh, don't lie -- that's totally you. You want to rock out the SW and try to impress the cute girl who works at Hot Topic; maybe try to convert her from Twilight over to The Wars -- tease her with your glowing lightsaber ... c'mon, you know where it's at. But with all the different sites out there selling Star Wars t-shirts, it can be hard to find the perfect one.

And what is that perfect t-shirt, anyway? For me, it's a combination of what I love the most about a property and absolute total randomness. If a shirt can conquer both, I'm sold. Anyway, a site called Hide Your Arms went and made your Star Wars t-shirt hunt much easier (and less stressful) by putting together a list of 202 Star Wars t-shirts, along with where you can buy them. Hey, whatever, this is why the internet was invented.

Check out some of our favorites below, and the rest right over here.

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