John HughesJohn Hughes, the director who defined '80s teen comedies and inspired a generation of filmmakers and moviegoers, died of a heart attack while visiting family in New York City. He was 59 years old.

During Hughes' heyday in the '80s, nearly every movie he directed was an immediate hit. And rightly so, for he had the golden touch: His characters were always dead on, from awkward prepubescent girls (usually played by Molly Ringwald) to awkward nerds (usually played by Anthony Michael Hall) to insolent rebels (hello, Judd Nelson).

His movies had simple themes, yet tapped perfectly into the river of teen angst, whether they were about transcending high school cliques ('The Breakfast Club'), ditching school with your friends ('Ferris Bueller's Day Off') or having a crush on the most impossibly popular boy in school ('Sixteen Candles').
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