Does Ridley Scott have a clone I'm unaware of? I refuse to accept that one person has the time to be involved with as many projects as Scott is. Granted, few of his attachments evolve into actual films, but that's not stopping the Blade Runner director from being associated with almost every big budget, big talent science fiction project in Hollywood. This year alone has found him and his production company Scott Free in orbit of an Ellen Ripley centric Alien-less spin-off, a Ripley-less Alien prequel (which he is now set to direct), and The Forever War, an adaptation of Joe Haldeman's 1974 'future-shock' novel.

Now it's been confirmed that Scott Free is teaming up with Leonardo DiCaprio's Appian Way to shape Aldous Huxley's 1931 classic novel Brave New World for the big screen. The film will be set up for DiCaprio to star with an option for Ridley Scott to take over directorial duties. Apocalypto screenwriter Farhad Safinia is pinned as the man burdened with the tough gig of adapting Huxley's novel about a joyless, 26th century dystopia. Think of it as one part Equilbrium, one part Brazil, and one part Code 46.

Putting doubt to the side (this isn't the first time news like this has come out), I'd wager that of all of the projects on Scott's plate, Brave New World has the best chance of one day being seen. Apian Way, who own the film rights to Huxley's novel, are always on the prowl for DiCaprio centerpieces; so even if this turns into another Ridley Scott vapor-project, there's a backup outfit eager to make a depressing future a silver screen reality.
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