Remember how Chris Kattan is trying to put aside the ridiculous laughs and find a good dramedy career, kicking it off with the IFC miniseries Bollywood Hero? To promote the film, there was Bollywood-style flash mob in New York's Time Square on August 4. The stars were in attendance (along with the show's choreographer) as a bunch of Bollywood dancers started sashaying in the streets in front of ad-clad busses for the miniseries.

Flash mobs are probably one of my favorite forms of marketing due to the entertainment value for passerby merged with viral possibilities. But I've got a complaint: With the stars right there watching, why in the heck didn't they get up and dance? Now that would've been something, and a bit more fun than just a group of professional dancers. Perhaps they need help from the Torrance Community Dance Group.

You can check out the mob scene after the jump, and Bollywood Hero airs on IFC from August 6-8.