Zombieland is aiming to become one of the most unapologetic movies of the year. Sure that's an obvious task when you make a horror comedy, but it's not always easy to do. Go over the top and you're Scary Movie 4, go too low brow and you're Terror at Blood Fart Lake. Fortunately during Scott Weinberg's set visit, director Ruben Fleischer made clear the balance he's trying to strike for his first major studio picture, "The movie is basically kind of the hybrid of 28 Days Later and Shaun of the Dead, I guess. It's a comedic look at the post apocalyptic zombie world and it's a band of survivors that kind of met along the way."

If that hybrid doesn't make much sense on the surface, take a gander at the new, decidedly Not Safe for Work Red-Band trailer. It looks like cast and crew are treating the end of the world as their unrestricted playground. Woody Harrleson luring the undead with 'Dueling Banjos'? Abigail Breslin holding a shotgun? Jesse Eisenberg's profanity laden, trailer-stealing tirade? It all looks like a end-of-the-world blast.

(Psst, enter your B-day in those tiny little boxes to get it to play)
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