By: Elisabeth Rappe

The Robin Hood legend has been one that just about every generation has added something to since he first popped up in the Middle Ages. He's been the epitome of 1940s dreamy, he's gone color-blind since Morgan Freeman traveled with him, he's been a young, punk-rockish version on the BBC. Now, he's headed to the future where he'll rob from the rich, and restore to the post-apocalyptic* poor.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Warner Bros will be competing with Russell Crowe and Ridley Scott, and putting their own Robin Hood into production. Jason Hall has written the screenplay, and newcomer Nicolai Fuglsig will direct. The kicker will be its setting. This Robin Hood will be set in a not-so-distant future of a dystopian London, but will follow the usual motif of "a band of thieves whose activities restore hope to the city's embattled population." I'm not sure how this differs from any other futuristic tale (even Star Wars could be said to possess a Robin Hood motif, and it was certainly all over Firefly), but I'm sure there will be laser crossbows or something to remind us of its origins.

So, first Captain Blood and now Robin Hood. I wonder who will be the next swashbuckler they send past the 21st century. Don Juan? Zorro? The Three Muskateers?
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