After months and months of poor buzz, ugly rumors and no press screenings, G.I. Joe finally makes its way to theaters this weekend. Critical reaction is mixed thus far -- you've got the folks who dug it and those who didn't, like with any film, but there's a lot of bitterness and angry resentment out there from those who weren't invited to an early screening, as well as those trying to defend their positive review following an early screening. In all honesty, it's a complete mess -- but the fact of the matter is, none of it has anything to do with you, the moviegoer. If it looks like your cup of tea, then by all means have a blast. All we ask is that when you come home, you take our poll and let us know what you thought of the movie on a scale of 1-10.

From Todd Gilchrist's review: "It's entirely possible that if I were nine or ten, the age that I first discovered the animated series, then G.I. Joe would be my favorite movie of all time. It features colorful, iconic characters, huge action scenes, and a plot that I'd feel smart for having figured out. As an adult, however, its shortcomings are obvious: thin, one-dimensional characters, death and destruction on an irresponsibly epic scale, and a nonsensical plot that I'd be depressed to have to try and "figure out." But G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra was made for my nine-year-old self, and the nine-year-old in all of our selves; and while it certainly doesn't hold up to the scrutiny of a more mature or sophisticated perspective, it's a surprisingly fun time at the movies that reminds us we needn't be children in order to enjoy something the same way as when we were."

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