Welcome back to another edition of Insert Caption -- the game that probably won't ask you to spread 'em if you've had one too many to drink. Last week we asked you to churn out something adorable for a photo from the little indie you just wanna hug, Paper Heart. Congrats go out to Tommy L., who won us over with some of that old reliable corpse humor.

1. "Ugh! What is that smell? Who died? Oh." -- Tommy L.

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This week we're rolling around in bed with Ashton Kutcher as he gets all sexed-up for his new film Spread, about a serial womanizer who finally meets his match. And because there can only be one Ashton Kutcher, we're giving away one grand prize to the person who provides the best caption for the photo below. That grand prize is (and it's a good one) one Blu-Ray DVD Player, one signed Spread poster and one collection of assorted Anchor Bay/Overture DVDs. Okay, maybe it's not as good as the kind of love Mr. Kutcher is receiving in the image below, but it's definitely a close second. Sound off below!

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