terminator 5 mcgI thought it was safe to assume the Terminator film franchise was dead (for the next several years, at least) after the critical lashing director McG endured for Terminator Salvation. (Let's not even get into Christian Bale's on-set meltdown.) But Terminator 5 is still in the works, says McG, who told IESB he's busy prepping his follow-up to Salvation.

I'm torn here. I love the Terminator franchise, but I hated Terminator Salvation. It was a decent action flick, but it had none of the thrills, heart or spirit of the earlier movies. I'd love to see the franchise continue, but I was hoping Warner Bros. would let the dust settle for a decade and somehow lure James Cameron back to direct. But they've got awful toys to sell and a director who seems willing to ape the earlier, more successful Terminator films for a shot at a hit.
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