Once in a very blue moon, a trailer comes that's so fantastic, so rife with fantastical eye candy, that even in its abbreviated form it's a million times better than a lot of feature films. After the teaser that popped up last September, a full trailer for The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassushas finally arrived over at Yahoo (watch it after the jump).

The only bad thing I can think to say is that the trailer makes me wish even more that Heath Ledger never passed away, and that he could have had the chance to finish his role. While Johnny Depp, Jude Law, and Colin Farrell look fine (Depp being the closest resemblance), it's the Ledger moments that shine. But there's so many levels -- a wildly original story (something so rare these days), great actors (Christopher Plummer and the devilish Tom Waits, too), and jaw-dropping visuals ranging from wild parties and ruins to rolling seas and candyish lands. Even if you're not a Gilliam fan, you should at least check out the trailer and get a peek at the effects and artistry. (The film may or may not live up to this wonder.)

But I'm also irked. Here we have a film that gives Christopher Plummer a lot to do (not to mention Waits), and Yahoo only mentions Ledger and his replacements in the little blurb to the right. Hell, it doesn't even mention Terry Gilliam.

Nevertheless, are you charmed by Parnassus?