When it comes to writing up movie news, there are few stories as despiriting as video game options. It goes without saying that there hasn't been one console-to-silver-screen adaptation yet that's been worth its weight in CGI. While we're all hoping that The Prince of Persia breaks the mold, if he doesn't, there's always Just Cause.

Variety reports that Adrian Askarieh, the man behind Hitman and the upcoming Kane and Lynch has nabbed the rights to Eidos' Just Cause franchise. (If franchise is the right word -- the series has only had one outing back in 2006 though Eidos is readying a sequel as we speak.) The original game was centered around a mysterious, handsome fellow named The Scorpion who has the awkward task of overthrowing Caribbean regimes while trying to dodge pirates, mercenaries, and rogue agents. As with all video game heroes, he's a man of high-tech gadgets, and favors a grappling hook for his iconic item of action. Eidos describes him as "a mix of Jason Bourne, James Bond, Wolverine and Rambo, with a touch of Enrique Iglesias." In other words, he's macho, but he's also hot.

Askarieh is looking to develop the project independently, and hasn't submitted it to a studio. Well, we'll certainly wish him the best in bringing The Scorpion to life. Personally, I think he ought to cross him over with Warner Bros' Tomb Raider reboot. She could be hunting for artifacts, he could be overthrowing a regime, and wham! Romance can blossom amid all the semi-automatic gunfire, and money is saved by getting two adaptations for the price of one.
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