Could The Hurt Locker be Kathryn Bigelow's big break into the upper echelon of desired action directors? In his review from TIFF last year, James Rocchi said: "Bigelow's a terrific action director, but the industry doesn't offer her the chance to demonstrate that as often as you might like; it could be sexism or just the bad juju that sticks to some directors that explains that, but either way Bigelow blows both those off the screen along with everything else in a blast of Dolby splendor and big-screen spectacle." Now Variety reports that we can start preparing for the next bout of thrills.

She's reteaming with Paramount and writer Mark Boal for a new action-adventure project called Triple Frontier. A "high-stakes ensemble project," the film will be set in the border zone between Argentina, Paraguay, and Brazil, where the Igazu and Parana rivers come together and make for a hard-to-keep-an-eye-on mecca for organized crime. That might not be a lot to go on, but it sure hints to a myriad of possibilities.

But much more than the plot is what this will mean for Bigelow's career, and whether this feature will get more distribution love. Although lavished with praise, Box Office Mojo says that the film's widest release was on only 535 screens, where she raked in almost $9 million domestically. Do you think this film could turn the tide to super-action-director-stardom? Or will Bigelow remain a beloved, but not front-and-center, director?
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