Everything was in place last year. A good trailer for New York, I Love You hit the waves (which can still be seen here), and the film was primed to take on TIFF before getting an early 2009 release. But it's been almost a year since that trailer appeared, and there's been no movie -- even though the film has an insanely great cast ranging from Julie Christie to Anton Yelchin, with directorial spins that range from Brett Ratner to Natalie Portman.

Finally the tide is a-turnin'. The film is now slated for an October 16 release, and Apple scored the latest trailer -- one that makes the project even more interesting. Where the first peek may have been almost two minutes long, it took the teaser approach -- quick cuts, not a lot of details, and just quick, rolling glimpses with only a few longer peeks. This latest release, however, revels more with great moments rather than an inundation of scenes, flushing out just a little bit more of the story -- Ethan Hawke's dashed attempts to pick up, Cloris Leachman's stroll through the Big Apple, and James Caan wishing daughter Drea de Matteo would have a baby.

Here's the kicker. Know how Ratner is one of the directors? Well, ignore the bit on IMDb about James Caan being in the director's blip (since de Matteo is credited to Allen Hughes). The piece Ratner worked on is the "new love" with Anton Yelchin and Olivia Thirlby, where they go to the Prom. How's that for a twist?